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HPE Conference


April 19, 2019

 Schedule here.

The 2019 Historical Political Economy Conference will be held April 19, at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. For more information, please contact

Papers and Participants

Skill Intensity, Union Support, and Industrial Conflict: Historical Evidence from Germany

Alexander Kuo, Oxford

Origins of the Weimar Coalition: Party Politics in the German Reichstag

Amel Ahmed, UMass

Colonial State Formation: Direct Rule, Indirect Rule, and Colonial Violence in French Algeria

Adria Lawrence, Johns Hopkins

The Other Great Leveler? Common Schooling and Inequality in the Early Republic

David Stasavage, NYU

Urban Politics of Reconstruction: Development Patterns after the Chicago Fire of 1871

Emily Skarbek, Danilo Frere, Brown University

The Temporal Foundations of Comparative Historical Analysis: Physical Time, Historical Time, and the Study of the Past

Markus Kreuzer, Villanova

Democratization in the USA? The impact of antebellum suffrage expansions

David Bateman, Cornell University

Discussants: Volha Charnysh (MIT), Steven White (Syracuse), Nic van De Walle (Cornell), Tom Pepinsky (Cornell), Alexandra Cirone (Cornell), Mona Krewel (Cornell), Vivekinan Ashok (Cornell)